Philosophy of Care

Towards Home
Welcome! Here, I will share more about who I am, some of the ways in which my philosophy of Nursing has been formed, and what I can offer to you in your wellness journey. I view ‘home’ as a state of being, akin to  ‘optimum wellness’ or wholeness, and perceive each individual’s life, lived intentionally, as a journey in ever-changing times and circumstances towards wholeness — a state of unity in mind, body and spirit. I draw on my wide-ranging Nursing practice and education experience to inform a private holistic wellness promotion practice, Towards Home.

Nursing Approach
My therapeutic approach to each person is guided by the “Human-Becoming” Nursing model designed by Rosemary R. Parse, which focuses on each person’s unique perspectives and meanings of events and experiences. This Nursing relationship offers a loving, true presence, which acknowledges the perspective of each person, with the mutual goal of promoting quality of life and optimal functioning.  This approach acknowledges the dynamic life force, that we are always changing and becoming. The four aspects of all Nursing theory – person, environment, health, and nursing – are uniquely integrated with health as a synthesis of values and way of living,  a continuously changing process that the person participates in co-creating;  person as a unique being with meaning and purpose; environment as the inner and outer aspects that contribute to well-being, uniquely reflecting what is important;  and nursing as both a process to assist the person to find meaning and make choices in life experiences and an embodiment of true presence with knowledge and compassion.

A large part of the Nursing role is education, helping individuals and families to move towards new possibilities through making choices, which in turn creates change in the life experience and opens new choices and experiences.

Population Focus on Middle to Older Adults
As a professional consultant in private wellness promotion practice, I work with adults in mid-life and beyond, and their families and loved ones. The most universal characteristic of increasing age is increasing uniqueness and diversity. Recent research is making it very clear that as people age, they become less and less like others of the same age, even among same-age individuals in community groups.

The significant shift occurring in the current publicly funded health care system is a change of focus from curing to caring in older adults. Nurses have always been the caring profession, and this shift is resulting in the development of more private wellness promotion initiatives, focusing particularly on the unique needs of individuals in middle-to late adulthood desiring to maintain their vitality and optimize the personal state of wellness in the present and into the future, whatever that may hold for them. Nurses are using approachs to caring that are integrative, weaving together the conventional approach to care, long modelled after the medical model, and complementary approaches, offered through herbal, homeopathic, and energy-field modalities. The use and acceptance of such holistic healing practices is growing in leaps and bounds throughour North America as individuals take control of their own health and wellness decisions, choosing from an array of services – dovetailing the conventional and complementary in integrative approaches.

Weaving Together for Therapeutic Enrichment
Consistent with this shift in orientation, and while emphasizing body-mind-spirit interconnectedness, I bring over thirty-six years of expertise to bear in offering behavioral change guidance in disease prevention and wellness promotion. Woven together with Nursing and Education theory, philosophy and practical knowledge, I rely upon the philosophy of C.G.Jung, particularly the process of individuation, as a means and language for understanding and guiding individual’s life-passsages and processes. I facilitate the work of quality of life issues, transitions to and through milestone life changes, providing guidance, links, and interventions to maintain optimal functioning when one is faced with a newly diagnosed disease. I include wellness promoting approaches to restore inner harmony and diminish or delay onset of disability while optimizing existing personal health resources to maintain independence and sustain optimal functioning.

I also assist mid-life adults and their elder parents with the concerns of changing and evolving care needs and provide expertise and guidance in navigating available options within the publicly funded health care system, as well as informing about potentially beneficial resources in the private sector.

In addition to individual consultations, I design and facilitate wellness promotion programs, workshops, and seminars in the Lower Mainland. These are of interest to individuals and groups with particular interest in the influence of individual behaviors on the personal and the social environment. The various formats provide unique ways for individuals or community groups to come together and participate within a group setting.

Educational and Life Experience Prepration
I integrate nursing knowledge, learning theory, the science and theory of energy-field healing, and psychology to instruct, inspire, and inform each individual’s intentional commitment for active participation in wellness promoting activities. My recent professional nursing practice and teaching experiences include clinical roles in Vancouver Coastal Health, Fraser Health, and UBC School of Nursing. I completed a Master’s in Education thesis on the experiences of nurses who use  energy-field healing modalities in addition to or instead of conventional practice, and have achieved certification in Classical Homeopathy from L’Institut d’Enseignement et de Recherché en Therapies Energetiques, Montreal; The Results System in Stress Reduction from Institute of Holistic Healing Arts, Virginia, USA; Gerontological Nursing from Canadian Nurse’s Association; and numerous intensive programs in dream work, inner work, and meditation at Omega Institute, New York, and ongoing learning as an active member of C.G. Jung Society. I am also a member of College of Nurses of British Columbia, and held memberships in the Gerontological Nurses Association of British Columbia and Canadian Association on Gerontology. In addition to private practice consulting, I currently work part-time with older adults in the role of Geriatric Emergency Nurse Clinician in a Lower Mainland hospital.

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