About Enid Muirhead

Towards Home, Managing Director ~ Private consultations, mid-life to older adulthood ~ Wellness promotion events - seminars and workshops Professional, holistic wellness promotion practice is informed by Energy-field healing modalities and Nursing models. I interpret ‘home’ as a state of being, akin to ‘optimum wellness’ or 'wholeness', and human life, lived intentionally, as a journey in ever-changing times and circumstances towards wholeness—a state of unity in mind, body and spirit. My therapeutic approach to each person is guided by the “Human-Becoming” Nursing model, by Rosemary R. Parse, which focuses on the unique perspective and meaning of each person being assisted. Private consultation, by appointment, involves history taking, focused and comprehensive assessments, and development of a care plan, including connecting, referring, linking to other health care professionals, services, and local resources.