Towards Home

Enid Muirhead, RN, M.Ed, GNC

Managing Director

I interpret ‘home’ as a state of being, akin to ‘optimum wellness’ or ‘wholeness’, and human life, lived intentionally, as a journey in ever-changing times and circumstances towards wholeness—a state of unity in mind, body and spirit.

~ Private consultations, mid-life to older adulthood

~ Wellness promotion events – seminars and workshops

Private Consultations:

Elder Health: Being Your Best

Wellness & Vitality Promotion

Illness Prevention

Professional, holistic wellness promotion practice is informed by energy-field healing modalities and Nursing models.

Individualized therapeutic approach to each person is guided by the “Human-Becoming” Nursing model of Rosemary R. Parse, which focuses on the unique perspective and meanings of individuals.

“The most universal characteristic of increasing age is increasing uniqueness and diversity. For many reasons, as we age, we become less and less like others of the same age. As if that isn’t surprising enough, there are many myths about aging and misunderstandings about what constitutes normal age-related changes as opposed to the beginning of a disease process.” ~ Carol A. Miller (2010)

Towards Home wellness consultants focus on the unique questions, concerns, and goals of family caregivers and elder individuals or couples in mid to late adulthood, while emphasizing the significance of body-mind-spirit interconnectedness to states of wellness and disease.

Maybe you are just wondering how you are doing and would like to explore that, relative to age and other factors.

Private consultation are by appointment, and involve history taking, focused and comprehensive assessments, and development of a care plan, including connecting, referring, and linking to other health care professionals, services, and resources.

Please contact Enid at elmuir@telus.net or call (604) 732 3681 to request brochure and fee schedule. 

Wellness Promotion Seminars and Workshops:

 Instruct, inform, and inspire participants to reclaim personal capacity for wellness

~ Topics related to wellness and aging

~ Inner Work: Using Dreams for Personal Growth

~ Intention & thought as creative power for change

~ Breathwork practices as a way to stress reduction

~ Meditation as a practice of presence & mindfulness

~ Energy flow awareness & practices

~ Journalling and storytelling as creative expression

~ Integrative approaches to body-mind-spirit connection

~ Vegetarian diet – benefits to person, health, and environment; group and private instruction on vegetarian menus, food choices and selection for a balanced diet, and meal preparation

Maybe there is something in particular that you are interested in learning about, or would like to arrange a group seminar, program, or workshop? Let’s discuss that!

Journal Writing:

During 2013 – 14,

Contributed to an on-line magazine, Love of Life.ca

This unique online publication celebrated the lives of adults 55 plus and provided its readers with the opportunity to share in the challenges, victories and day to day joys of living. Community focused, the journal derived its content through the support of multiple monthly contributors who offered readers an expansive and life affirming exposure to themes of passion, wisdom, community and engagement.

The two-fold mission of Love of Life.ca. was to provide unique and relevant information that would serve to increase readers’ quality of life and to build community.

You can find archive issues here: http://loveoflife.ca


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